Mental health… as raw as it can be

We’ve officially been in lockdown in the UK due to Coronavirus for 5 weeks now, we, as a family, were in lockdown a week before that.

Generally, I’ve coped pretty well. Supporting the children with schooling and generally keeping them happy and healthy.

Today, my son had yet another complete meltdown. One in the morning, one in the evening.

This morning I coped well, sat him down and talked things through with him. I think he responded really well until this evenings meltdown and that was a completely different story. He couldn’t draw something he wanted to and that was it… that was the reason for a half hour meltdown.

That is some of the reason that today, I just paralysed. I stop talking, stop responding, stop reacting, just stop. When things get to bad for me it feels like everything is against me and I just want to quit the world. Here is a poem I wrote:


Draining days …

When the day is draining

And it all feels so tough 

That’s when I start to feel 

So very, very rough.

When the day has been a struggle 

And they haven’t gotten along 

That’s when I start to feel 

My guilt is where it should all belong.

When I’ve tried, like I try

Just to make things work 

Then to see it all fall down 

Just like I never learn

When I’ve tried, like I do, 

To calm my own dark mind 

Things go wrong, fall apart

And it all just slips and slides.

When the day is draining 

And I wish I wasn’t me 

I like to hide wherever I can 

And not be heard or seen.

Prime Minister of UK in intensive care…

I never usually comment on news or politics or anything like that as my blog is for poetry but today is different and today I felt the need to express my concern and best wishes to the Prime Minister of our country (UK).

Stay strong Boris Johnson, we are all thinking of you and hoping you come out of this healthy and quickly.


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Coronavirus Lockdown

Yes we are still facing the lockdown, only now we also seem to be facing more and more people totally ignoring the rules, too many people insisting this is all a conspiracy by the government (the prime minister has COVID-19 himself, I can’t see how it’s a conspiracy) and too many people ‘exercising’ by sunbathing on the beach, miles from their homes and/or with other friends and family not in their household.

It’s a real shame. Those that are keeping to the rules are getting really cross at these people who will no doubtably spread this virus again.

Please think, if this is you. Please stop.


UK Lockdown

We’re all in lockdown 

Hiding away 

From a deadly virus 

That’s heading our way.


We’re all indoors

We’re trying to be strong 

In the hope that all this lockdown 

Won’t go on for too long.


Yet others seem to flout the laws

Go outside and just don’t see 

That we are indoors for a reason 

To save the lives of you and me.


We’ve lost so many people already 

We know what’s coming now

We’ll lose more loved ones along the way

We’ve got to carry on somehow.


So listen up and please stay in, 

Stay in, to save your life 

This isn’t a joke or April fool, 

This is real and this is strife.


When lockdowns over 

And the virus is passing 

We’ll come out and celebrate 

But until that date is given-

Stay in before it’s too late.




During this time of lockdown (in most countries in the world) people are reflecting on the life they’ve already had and the one they want to lead. They’re realising this life only happens once and they’re in that moment now, so many of us are reflecting upon the things we want from life.



Reflecting is important 

At certain stages of your life 

It helps you to decide

What causes joy and also strife.


Reflecting need not be negative 

Or about where you feel you failed 

But rather jumping in a boat 

And learning how to sail.


Learning, where you feel, you aren’t you

And, the things you don’t want to do again,

But also, learning what you haven’t done

Write all those down in pen.


Follow you heart, follow your dreams

You might find they change as you age,

But never lose that inner soul,

That helped your dreams engage.


You may never get to where you want to be

You may never reach those marks 

If that’s the case then reflect again 

Your life doesn’t have to stay parked.


You are the sailor of your boat

You’re the author of your book, 

So sail towards the places you love 

And write about the paths you took.


Thank you for reading, enjoy your day and stay safe ❤️

Found this one WordPress 💚

So, whilst surfing through WordPress I came across this and thought it would be good to share a little about me. Maybe if you have a blog you could do the same for your readers / followers.

  3. What kind of person are you, introvert or extrovert ? IT DEPENDS ON THE SITUATION BUT IF I HAD TO PICK ONE I WOULD SAY INTROVERT
  4. Have you gone through any book recently? if yes, please name it. SCHOOLBOOKS FOR HOMESCHOOLING MY CHILDREN THROUGH THIS LOCKDOWN!
  5. What you prefer to do in your holidays ? RELAX AND VISIT LOCAL AREAS
  6. Do you like any kind of sport? NO.
  7. Are you a fitness freak person? if yes, name your favorite one. I AM NOT INTO FITNESS AT ALL.
  8. Do like to listen music? YE
  9. What is the main thing you like about other’s Blog? LEARNING SOMETHING NEW
  10. Do like to do adventurous thing? NO
  11. How you handle the things when bad phase comes in life? I AM NOT SO GOOD AT THIS! IT DEPENDS WHAT IT IS REALLY. MY MAIN CONCERN IS MAKING SURE MY CHILDREN ARE HAPPY
  12. Which fictional character do you relate the most to? Why? NONE, ALTHOUGH AS A CHILD I LOVED THE LITTLE MERMAID
  14. Name your favourite poem and poet. NOT ANYONE PARTICULARLY
  15. Which has been your most memorable tour/visit so far? MY FAMILY HOLIDAY TO DISNEYLAND
  16. Which is your favourite fictional book? I DON’T READ FICTIONAL BOOKS REALLY
  17. Which is your favourite non-fictional book? A CHILD CALLED IT, I LOVE AUTOBIOGRAPHIES FROM PEOPLE TOO
  18. Who is your favourite leader from history or present? I TRY TO HAVE FAITH IN WHICHEVER LEADER WE HAVE PRESENTLY. I DON’T HAVE FAVOURITE PAST LEADER
  19. Do you like to study? SOMETIMES, DEPENDS ON THE SUBJECT
  20. Do you like learning about other cultures? YES, I LOVE IT.
  21. What is one mischievous thing you once did which no one found out about? I DON’T REMEMBER MUCH I’M AFRAID

So, that’s me… well a little but anyway. Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to copy on and share your answers with your followers 💛

Fromtheheart879 ❤️

Chronic Illness…

There are millions of people around the country, who are suffering day in day out, with chronic illnesses. There are thousands of different chronic illnesses, all as debilitating as the next. Most of these are silent and invisible, yet still very much there.

I hope while we are all in lockdown for to the Coronavirus sweeping the world, that we can really take this time to work out how we can help each other much more than we do now.

Most of us are guilty of being the neighbour in the street, that is polite, waves, says hello, or good morning and then quietly shuts the door behind ourselves. From now on, we all need to make the effort to chat for a little while, find out who your neighbours are, if there’s anything you can do to help them, and in turn they will hopefully return the favours. It’s all about giving and receiving. There are millions of people out there suffering alone and bows the time to start to include them in life.

Let’s work together to stop suicide being one of the biggest killers in this country. Loneliness really can kill.

Humanity starts again…

I have a chronic illness 

That no one can see

It fills me with pain 

And I wish it wasn’t me.


It’s changed my life 

Turned it upside down 

And all because chronic illness 

Strikes us anywhere around.


So, in these lockdown moments

Please think of all of us,

Remember what you’re doing now 

Is the ‘normal life’ we don’t discuss.


Coronavirus caught the countries 

All around the world

But chronic illness came first for me 

And knocked me to the ground.


Loneliness envelopes me

And depression blankets me too 

And all because of chronic illness 

That I always do live through.


I hope we all stay healthy, 

And care much more than we did before,

These things are sent to try us 

And see what we’re made for.


So, thank you to the NHS

and thank you if you’re helping too, 

We can get through this lockdown 

Fight this battle-through and through.




How many times?

Unprecedented … it’s a word we are hearing a lot right now. We are living in unprecedented times, the government are giving unprecedented amounts of time and money to an unprecedented amount of people, to help us all through this unprecedented time! Yep, the word is everywhere.

Rather than focusing on what’s unprecedented right now, maybe it’s time we started to focus on who we want to be, where we want to go, how we want to help others and how we can grow.

How Many Times?

How many times have you thought of others?

How many times do you care?

How many times do you try to help?

How many times are you fair?


How many times do you want to be better?

How many times do you try? 

How many times do you want to try harder?

How many times do you ask why?


Now is the time to think of others 

Now is the time to care 

Now is the time to change yourself 

Now’s the time to dare.


You will see rewards 

Plenty of them, 

You will be appreciated

By women and men.


So, do you part 

Be someone 

Imagine it’s your last day 

Were you someone that won?